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Spiritual Warfare Prayer

An excerpt from the Spiritual Warfare Prayer booklet.

A n I m p o r t a n t M e s s a g e

From Darrell C. Porter

There are several major points in a Christian’s life where the greatest trials and troubles seem to come. The first is shortly after one receives Christ as their Lord and Savior. It’s at this point the devil, literally seeks to abort the spiritual new babe.

The new Believer often faces mockery from friends, family and co-workers. He is pitted with discouragement and a deluge of temptations and trials in his weakest areas.

Lack of understanding has caused many to faint or to fall into sin. Knowledge of the Word of God and preparation for spiritual warfare is imperative for victory over Satan.

Another occasion of intense trials and troubles is when the Believer steps out onto a higher level of faith or is about to enter into a closer walk with God.

This spiritual advance is a threat to the kingdom of darkness. Because it means the Believer will now be able to exercise greater power and dominion over him through Jesus Christ. Therefore Satan deploys all of his tactics which are aimed to bring discouragement, disillusionment and defeat to the Believer.
Knowledge of the will of God and of the enemy’s devices is essential for the Believer to stand against sin and evil and to grow in the manner God intends.

Keep in mind that many times a Believer is not even aware of his spiritual growth. A single act of obedience to God may not seem like much to the Believer. Yet it terrifies the devil! And he strains to find every conceivable (and inconceivable) way to attack God’s people.

Many well-meaning Christians have been defeated through lack of understanding and the failure to recognize demon interference in their lives. Such failure is costly and devastating and too often fatal.
A major area in which demons take full advantage is one’s willful ignorance concerning evil. Evil is real! And it is truly evil. It has no mercy or compassion, nor desire to add to or bring any good into anyone’s life.

This is a difficult thing for the mind to grasp. Yet one must grasp it. The Bible goes through great expense to reveal this truth repeatedly – over and over again.

Iniquity was found in Lucifer. It then destroyed the bliss of the Garden of Eden; and later sent men to a horrid hell which was never made for them.

Failure to understand that evil is in constant contention against you does not insulate you from evil but rather makes you more vulnerable to it. Evil, in order to succeed, must do so with as little of your understanding as possible and all of your cooperation. Hence, to hold little or no regard for its existence and power is to give it greater power. To resist, however, is to lessen its effect. Perfect resistance will destroy it. But one will never resist something one does not believe even exists. Worse yet one will not resist something one believes has little or no influence or is but harmless and innocent. Therefore, and in a most cunning way, it wins your cooperation to do whatever it wants, however it wants to do it.

The Word of God says the Lord presets before us both good and evil. This means in this present world you will always find evil as well as good. But God directs us to choose the good. (Deut.30:15, 19) The good is always contained in His Word. It is also found in the Light of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here we find the Good News of deliverance from evil through the cross of Christ. It is the demonstrated Word concerning God’s total power over sin, sickness and Satan. This same power also dwells in every true Believer by the Holy Spirit. Thus, even on our worst days we are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us.

Indeed every demon of hell is subject to the NAME that is above every name. That Name is Jesus Christ. And every work of Satan and the flesh is brought to destruction through faith in the shed Blood of Christ.

Your job, then, is to keep keen your eyes on Jesus. Have faith in God always. Know the weapons of the Spirit of God and how to use them effectively against the real enemies of faith. This is the task of the saints of God, the soldiers of the cross, the army of the Lord.

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